What can you do with hickory nuts?

If you find yourself wondering what to do with hickory nuts that have fallen in your yard or that you have foraged please read on.

The most obvious answer for what do you do with hickory nuts is to eat them of course! Getting to the actual edible nut of a hickory nut is a time consuming and tedious process, but the reward can be worth it if you have the patience. For those that aren't patient it is much simpler and easier to buy hickory nuts that have already been shelled. You can buy our shelled hickory nuts here.

Hickory nuts can be used in cooking or baking and go great with any recipe that uses nuts such as chocolate chip cookies or banana bread. They are commonly used in recipes that call for walnuts or pecans. Hickory nut cake and hickory nut pie are two of the most well liked desserts. Hickory nut butter, hickory nut oil, hickory nut milk, and hickory nut syrup are also common products that are produced. Roasted hickory nuts are also delicious and have a stronger, sweeter flavor than raw hickory nuts. 

What else can you do with hickory nuts? Feed them to wild animals such as squirrels, birds, and deer. Hickory shells can be used for fuel for a fire, spread them in your garden as mulch, or use them for smoking or grilling.

What do you do with hickory nuts? Please leave a comment if you have a creative use for them or a favorite recipe!


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  • Hickory nut coffee! I like to drink my Omega-3s. Would love to see this recipe.


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